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TRUE STORY.® product review 8

Ella Pangilinan

"I was able to see the chemical exfoliation take place with Hydracushion! Sometimes when white heads pop up I get so tempted to scrub them and scratch them, but I was able to see that this actually pushed mine out naturally."

TRUE STORY.® product review 1

Taleah Clements

"HI-RES was one of my favorites. It cleans well and I don’t need to double cleanse unless I have lots of makeup on. Feels fresh and love how my skin looks without anything on."

"All-Nighter feels really nice on my face and it’s a perfect set up for me before I go to sleep! I actually think it helped with my eye bags because I noticed that it got a bit brighter 3 weeks of using it"

TRUE STORY.® product review 4
Emilio Daez



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TRUE STORY.® product review 2

Raya Simpao

"Skinvisor is very easy to apply for a mineral sunscreen, felt light on my face, did not leave a noticeable white tint"

"This is a nice way to start up a skincare routine for beginners like me. I actually hate it when i have too much products and getting your skincare products just solved that problem. It did a great job of making my skin glow and feel bouncy!"

Nina Rito
TRUE STORY.® product review 5

Sharon Gozo

"It's my second week using these products and now I get the dewy skin effect you were talking about. My skin feels smoother when I wake up in the morning and I really don't feel the need to put foundation on my face"

TRUE STORY.® product review 9

Nica Magcale

"The texture of my skin improved in an instant just after days of using True Story’s Vitamin C serum and overnight NiaCicamide Cream consistently. The dark spots were not as visible anymore and it did not cause my acne to break out. 🤍"

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